Benefits of home care /live in Care

Home care is a situation where the carer will live with or visit the service users home to provide care services. There are many benefits of home care or live in care, many people face the choice of either a care home or live-in care service. People usually prefer to stay in their homes. Live-in care gives them that comfort and allows them to live with dignity and respect. Their lifestyle does not change. They still follow the same routines and family and friends surround them.

The benefits associated with Homecare are:
Everybody is different and people choose the level of companionship that suits them. People, especially adults stay healthier if they engage socially. The live in carer is there to support you in daily tasks. But, they also offer you their company. At Adada, were possible, we ensure that our carers are compatible with the service user, this enable us to provide a more personalised care to the service user.

One-on-one focus
Live in Care enables us to provide continuity of care with a one to one focus on the service user. You share your home with a live-in carer. They are there to care for you 24/7. They assist you with your daily care needs. Strong bonds can develop between professionals and their clients. Live-in carers learn service users’ routines and know how to respond to their needs. The service user also feels more comfortable when they see the same face every day.

Diet and nutrition support
Healthy diets and nutrition is essential for us to survive and live healthy. One of the benefits of home care is that it enables us to maintain a healthy diet, nutrition and hydration. Live-in carer cooks fresh meals every day according to your personal preferences. They make sure you drink enough water daily and that you eat nutritious meals.

There are many benefits of home care. If you are caring for someone full-time, you may need a break from time to time. It is where respite care services can be helpful. Learn more about live-in care and see whether this solution suits your particular needs and expectations.

Give your loved ones the care they need today with Adada Care Services, we are happy to guide you through the entire process of arranging for a carer. If you have any questions on how live in care works, call us on 0330 058 2045 or email us