Dementia Care at Home

Dementia Care at Home Chester

It’s challenging for families and care givers to provide support and health care services In following situations

  • An aggressive behaviour from the person with dementia
  • The person with dementia imagines the different reality
  • Person with dementia cannot complete their daily routine
  • Repetitive behaviour from the person with dementia

It is important to understand various stages of dementia, so that a right decision can be taken at right time. Here is the link about stages of dementia. It is also important to understand about After diagnosis of Dementia: What to expect from Health care professionals

We have a professional group of live in carers who specialise in dementia care at home. People with dementia may exhibit challenging behaviours. Here is the Help guide for the family care givers. Therefore, it is essential to know how to support them and what to do in emergency situations.  Get in touch to discuss your requirements. Links to the contact page. 0330 058 2045

dementia care at home


Dementia is a catch-all term for a variety of symptoms and illnesses that damage the brain and memory over time.

Abnormal alterations to the brain cause the conditions included under the umbrella term “dementia.” The brain is made up of billions of neurones (nerve cells) that exchange chemical impulses with one another. When a person has dementia, these neurones are destroyed, which means that messages are not sent as efficiently, affecting all body functions.

These physical symptoms are frequently minor at first, but for someone with dementia, they can grow severe enough to interfere with everyday life. The symptoms that a person with dementia feels are mostly determined by two key factors: the areas of the brain that are affected and the kind of dementia.

dementia care at home