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Providing Employment Opportunities and Support for Veterans - Adada Healthcare Services
Adada Healthcare Services is a leading provider of healthcare professionals in England and Wales, catering to the NHS, local councils, and care homes. As part of their commitment to the Armed Forces community, Adada Healthcare Services has recently signed the Armed Forces Covenant, aiming to support Veterans and Service-leavers in their employment and training journey.
To fulfil their pledge, Adada Healthcare Services proudly displays the Armed Forces Covenant on its website. They actively promote and facilitate the employment of Veterans and their families within the healthcare sector. With a focus on recognizing the valuable skills and experiences Veterans possess, Adada Healthcare Services has tailored its recruitment and training processes to meet the needs of this unique group. They offer opportunities for various roles, including nurses, healthcare assistants, physiotherapists, and paramedics.
Adada Recruitment and Training Services extend their support to British Armed Forces personnel, Veterans, and their families by offering the following services:
  • Guaranteed Interviews: Veterans and their spouses/partners are given priority consideration for interviews if they meet the selection criteria outlined in a job advertisement.
  • Support for Wounded or Injured Veterans: Adada Healthcare Services actively assists in the employment of wounded, injured, or sick Veterans. They collaborate with organizations like the Career Transition Partnership (CTP Assist) and participate in guaranteed interview schemes.
  • Recognition of Military Skills and Qualifications: Military skills and qualifications are duly recognized during the interview process for new positions. Adada Healthcare Services acknowledges the value these experiences bring to the healthcare industry.
  • Briefing Days for Service-leavers: Adada Healthcare Services organizes dedicated briefing days tailored to the needs of Service-leavers, providing them with vital information and guidance for their transition into civilian employment.
  • Armed Forces Community Focus: Adada Healthcare Services directs their recruiting efforts towards the Armed Forces community. They collaborate with "Service-friendly" recruitment agencies and Service charities to reach out to individuals with military backgrounds.
If you are a Veteran seeking employment opportunities in the healthcare sector, Adada Healthcare Services is here to support you. Visit their website at to learn more about their services and to get in touch. Receive tailor-made advice and guidance to embark on a fulfilling career path that recognizes and values your unique experiences as a Veteran.
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