Adada Services

Why choose Adada Live in Care Services?

At Adada Care, we believe that care should be provided with trust, empathy and professionalism.

  • We are registered to the care quality commission (CQC). Which means that our services are regulated and we are required by law to provide adequate care to our service users.
  • Flexibility to choose the care you want: We understand that care could be complicated sometimes, therefore the flexibility of the care we provide enables you to choose the kind of care you want or need at an affordable rate.
  • Highly experienced and qualified Carers: All our Carers are subject to enhanced DBS, Training and satisfactory reference Which means that you will never have to worry about the suitability of the care we provide.
  • Personalised Care Service: We believe that people are different therefore we ensure that you are given the opportunity to interview and choose the carer that is most suitable for you or your loved one.
  • Specialist care consultants: We have trained, experienced and qualified consultants to guide your through the entire process, including funding and care assessment.
  • 24/7 Care Services: enables us to respond to you when you need us.
  • Quality and Efficient Care: Quality and efficient service that can be relied upon to deliver when called upon.
  • Unbiased support: We will work with you to choose the most suitable care for your loved ones.

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